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Our vision is to provide the necessary resources to help build, manage, protect the continuity of your legacy.



The definition of the verb disruption means to drastically alter or destroy a structure or process with synonyms like unruly, unsettling, and divisive. That literal translation has never been our intention. Quite the contrary, observing the existing landscape objectively.
The traditionally adopted Will and asset management processes are known to create blind spots for executors in capturing and carrying out testators’ intent clearly, leading to an increasing number of probate cases year on year; the same nature of ambiguities that recur result in disputes or a complete misalignment with the Testator’s final wishes.

– Find out more about the pitfalls of the current Will process Our platform not only addresses these pitfalls but also allows you to very quickly and easily create your Will, factoring in various forms of assets – physical, digital, and everything in between. Our founding mission transitioned from developing a digital tool to create your lasting Will to designing a digital tool that becomes the living testament as well as your own personal legacy manager.

Our vision is to restore normalcy to the current landscape of will writing services by offering a more fitting, trustless system that caters to the market’s evolving needs, making you the Testator, a ‘Solon’ over your entire estate.